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Get your summer camp up and running with the power of next-generation web technologies. Leaders can upload camper information such as swim tests and class schedules so that their campers and your staff can prepare for the upcoming season of camp. This means there's more time to spend on fun and less time dealing with paperwork and logistics!

For more information or support, contact the Rusty Tent team at support@rustytent.com.

Reach out to your campers

Rusty Tent lets you keep your campers up to date and ready with your latest camp guides, schedules, and paperwork.

Organize your data

Have all your rosters, swim tests, and camper schedules ready at the click of a button.

Streamline your workflow

Help your staff get ready by having camper information, class sizes, and swim tests before the campers even arrive.

Why Rusty Tent?

Rusty Tent is an online application designed to streamline your camp administration. It was designed by staff members of summer camps, and we understand your unique issues and administrative needs. Rusty Tent has a simple user interface, and it is both accessible and powerful for any level of computer user- novices to experts.

Without Rusty Tent
With Rusty Tent

How it Works

Rusty Tent's simple interface allows you to easily input and keep track of information. Here we outline how to sign up and get going with Rusty Tent, as well as some of its features.

Fast and Easy Process

  1. You (the administrator) create an account.
  2. Purchase a Rusty Tent camp license.
  3. Create a schedule and users.
  4. Grant access to leaders and staff.
  5. Leaders input group information.
  6. Rusty Tent organizes and keeps track of information
  7. Your information is organized for you whenever you need it.

Users and Administrators

The camp administrator has a single account on www.rustytent.com, and can purchase and manage multiple Rusty Tent subscriptions for each of their camps. When you register a new camp on your Rusty Tent account, you will choose a unique subdomain which will point to your camp's Rusty Tent. (e.g. http://mycamp.rustytent.com) Your users are group leaders, who input their campers' information on your Rusty Tent.

All Your Data in One Place

Rusty Tent organizes the users' information so that you can print out documents such as class rosters and schedules. Your staff will know the amount of campers in their classes or sessions before the campers arrive.

Easy Enrollment Aggregation

Swim Tests

Don't waste a day of camp swim testing! Your leaders input their campers' swim test information to save both you and them time better spent on program activities. This also lets you know if the campers have prerequisites for aquatics classes and activities beforehand.


Manage your unique camp schedule, giving leaders and campers necessary information to enroll in certain classes or sessions. Rusty Tent organizes all scheduling information from yours and the leaders' input at once. You have the power to see the big picture and know which classes are filling up and which have less enrollment. Save scheduling headaches for everyone by using Rusty Tent's easy organization system!

Schedule Management


Free to register your camp and get started!

Monthly: $5.00 plus $0.35 for every registered camper after the first 15 campers*
*in the currently active season

Rusty Tent is an affordable option for your camp's administrative needs. Current scheduling software is overpriced and not suited to the unique needs of a summer camp. As we develop the system based on your needs, you will be able to add or remove additional modules to better match your budget. We keep the month-to-month costs at a bare minimum - to keep the service running - and are working hard to keep your costs as low as possible. Here is the breakdown of our simple pricing model:

Who uses Rusty Tent?


"The Rusty Tent program is a tremendous help to our Camping program. We were able to schedule our merit badge classes, have a idea about class size and be better prepared to serve our Scout campers. The Scout leaders loved it because it eliminated a lot of paperwork on their part."

BSA, Westmoreland-Fayette Council


The security of your camp and especially that of your campers is very important. Your camp's profile and information are hosted by a reliable application server. This server model allows for powerful scaling as more users access your Rusty Tent application and for traffic growth on your Rusty Tent. Financial information is stored on separate, highly secure servers following Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. When you save or input your payment information, it is always processed safely and stored securely. Please see Privacy Policy for more information.